Notion Job / Internship Application Tracker

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The Job and Internship Application Tracker Notion Template is your ticket to an organized, efficient, and successful job and internship search.

Key Features:

  1. Notifications Center: Your personal job-hunting assistant. Never miss an interview or deadline again with this notifications center keeping you on track.
  2. Application Tracker: Your application command center. Keep a detailed record of every application, from company details to interview dates, all neatly organized.
  3. Resume & Cover Letter Templates: Make a powerful first impression with professionally designed templates. Customize them to highlight your unique skills and experiences.
  4. Notion Thumbnails Made in Canva: Elevate your workspace aesthetics with eye-catching thumbnails made in Canva. Functionality meets style!
  5. Meetings & Assignments/Tasks Calendar: Keep all your meetings, interviews, and application deadlines in one place for a stress-free journey.
  6. Video Tutorial: Master the template's potential with our comprehensive video tutorial. Become a job and internship application pro!

How to Use This Template:

  1. Access Your Superpowers: Right after your purchase, you'll get instant access to your Notion template. Make sure to click "Duplicate"
  2. Personalize Your Arsenal: Customize your template to fit your unique job and internship search. Add company details, create sections, and make it truly yours.
  3. Record Applications: The Application Tracker is where you'll keep tabs on your applications. Fill it in with your job and internship details, and let it work its magic.
  4. Super-Document Creation: Customize the Resume and Cover Letter templates to showcase your superpowers in style.
  5. Elevate Your Workspace: Beautify your Notion space with Canva-made Thumbnails.
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Track your job and internship applications seamlessly with our Application Tracker.


Notion Job / Internship Application Tracker

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